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So How Do Fruits Ripe?

Now if you’re a chemistry aspirant for an exam like IIT JAM, CSIR NET, GATE, CUET PG, etc. then we’re sure you must have encountered this question at some point. Humans have already found out the science behind fruit ripening and have started to replicate it artificially as well. While humans can make fruits ripe through many artificial ways, there’s only one natural method for fruits to ripe themselves. And that is by Ethylene gas which helps fruits ripen naturally.How Do Fruits Ripe? Science Behind Phenomenon

Why do we use Artificial Fruit Ripening?

Ever since humans started exporting and transporting food from one place to another, they realised that most of the food becomes stale or ripe before it reaches its destination. To solve this problem, artificial methods were developed to ripe fruits artificially so that they could be transported without any problems. To make this happen, farmers would pluck the fruits before they would ripe and transport them in that state. Once they reached their destination, they would ripe the fruits artificially by using chemicals or ethylene gas. All this is done to increase the longevity and survival of fruits.

Artificial Ripening Of Fruits: Safe or Unsafe?

As we discussed, RIpening of fruits can be carried out by using chemical like Carbide or naturally occurring Ethylene gas. However, there’s a major difference in both methods. Let’s discuss how ripening fruits with Ethylene gas and Carbide is different from each other.

Fruit Ripening with Ethylene Gas

Fruit Ripening with Carbides

Ethylene is a naturally occurring gas/chemical in plants and fruits that makes fruits ripe naturally. We can recreate the ripening of fruits naturally by exposing unripe fruits and vegetables to ethylene gas. Carbides are artificially created chemical compounds that can help us ripe fruits at much cheaper rates than ethylene. However, Carbides are not healthy for human health but some local vendors use Carbides to increase their profits.

How Do Fruits Ripe? Ideal Conditions for Fruit Ripening

Fruit Name Ethylene Exposure Time
(In Hours)
Ripening Temperature
Relative Humidity
(RH %)
Banana 24-48 12-18 90-95
Mango 24-48 20-22 90-95
Papaya 24-48 20-25 90-95
Pear 24-48 18-22 90-95
Tomato 24-48 18-20 90-95

Some Other Ways to Ripe Fruits Naturally

So far, we just covered one natural method that is used to ripe fruits. However, there are some more ways that can help you ripe fruits without much hassle. Some of those methods are:

1. Rice and an Air Tight Container

  • You can put some rice in an air-tight container along with the fruit you want to rip.
  • Close the Air-tight container and let the fruit rest there for 24-48 hours.
  • After 24-48 hours, your fruit will be ripe naturally.

2. Use Dry Husk

Husk is another element that can help you ripe fruits naturally. Which is why, why most mango crates are accompanied by husk inside as it helps ripening of mangoes during their transport.

3. Using plants

You can put your unripe fruits along with other plants to ripe them. As, plants naturally release ethylene gas which rill ripe your fruits naturally without any hassle.


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