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Ved Prep was created with a vision to provide an ideal launch pad for Math enthusiasts who aspired to crack the prestigious IIT-JAM examination.

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    About Ved Prep Math Academy
    We make more moves and less announcements, after our earlier magnificent success, we here introduce VED PREP MATHS ACADEMY , under the leadership of an educationalist Ved Prakash Sharma.
    The world is already full of players; we aim at preparing game-changers in Mathematics for M.Sc. level entrance exams JNU – CEEB, IIT–JAM, DU, BHU, MKU, HCU.
    Real learning takes place, in our sessions which depends on the collaboration of its learners, not solitary on the knowledge of its teachers. We prepare for research-level fellowship and lectureship CSIR-JRF, ICMR, DBT & ICAR too.
    It is always the simple that produces the marvellous; we believe in producing top ranks each year through our faculty, who make sure that their students become everything they can. Keeping in mind the needs and strengths of each and every student we include short mnemonics, Exams & Institute guide, High-value academy content, Exam focus questions, Quizzes, Live sessions through our channel/website.

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