CSIR NET Mathematical Sciences Booster Course (Study Material)


Course (Study Material) Details :-

  • Unit-Wise Material
  • A Set of 9 Books
  • Each Book Cover Each Topic
  • Reviewed by Subject Experts


Anyone who is planning to take the CSIR NET MATHS exams can refer these books to confirm the logics that he or she might be using in solving the questions. We recommend these books to students, who are doing self study or preparing with education institutions, one can find all the past year questions categorized by subject/unit wise, and further topic wise. You can study a particular topic and then see what weightage has been given to it through the number of questions that have been asked previously. The book is strongly suggested to all the students who are interested in Graduation level Mathematics and likes solving tricky questions.

Some of Content Covered in Books

  • Section – 1 Analysis
  • Section – 2 Complex Analysis
  • Section – 3 Linear Algebra
  • Section – 4 Algebra
  • Section – 5 Topology
  • Section – 6 Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Section – 7 Partial Differential Equations
  • Section – 8 Numerical Analysis
  • Section – 9 Linear Integral Equations
  • Section – 10 Calculus of Variations
  • Section – 11 Classical Mechanics
  • Section – 12 Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Section – 13 Descriptive Statistics


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